Who We Are
Founded in 1995 at Mersin Free Zone, Lale Textile Group in 1998 had taken the company Arteks and in 2001 the company Modelteks under its structure and at the requests received. In 2005 Lale Washing Facility is opened and in 2012 it is renewed as a denim washing facility with a considerable investment.
Experience completing the knowledge and the technologic possibilities the company is updating itself. Lale Textile Group carries on its activities and operations with over than 400 well-trained experienced persons working on a total covered area of 8000 sq. Meters. Being specialized in women over clothing, the company is exporting ready-made clothes and CMT to Holland, Germany, England and other European companies.

Woven and knitted fabrics could be used in our products. Also print, embroidery, oil dye and garment dye processes could be applied to garments.

Short delivery time and quality are distinctive points of Lale Textile Group. By the help of regular weekly shipments different colored orders could be delivered in between 3-6 weeks to many points of Europe. Free Trade Zone supports additional benefit for airway, highway and sea shipments.

Social compliance is significant for our company policy. We have been audited by 3rd party companies and have BSCI-SEDEX-SOCAM certificates. (People under 18 years old are not permitted to work.)
Lale Textile Group mainly aims its customers to reach target mark-ups with required quality level.
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